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The F.E.L.T. Test


The Fire Fighter Entry Level Test (F.E.L.T.) was developed in Texas for your use in selecting candidates for Fire Fighter positions. It is designed to measure general knowledge of candidates at the High School level.

Administration of the F.E.L.T. is accomplished through the use of locally designated test administrators who are responsible for the security, conduct, scoring and return of tests to Bannon & Associates. This permits each client agency to establish its own test schedule and acquire immediate test results.

How does my agency become involved in use of the F.E.L.T.?

A Test Use Agreement is signed by the administrative head of the client agency and by designated representative of Bannon & Associates. Both the agency and Bannon & Associates retain a copy of this agreement. In this agreement the client agency designates a Test Administrator to whom Bannon & Associates will ship tests on an "as requested" basis. Client agencies may also designate an alternate test administrator who may act in that capacity in the absence of the primary test administrator. Signing of the agreement in no way obligates an agency to use the F.E.L.T. but merely sets forth conditions to ensure the security and prompt return of test booklets.

Each Test Administrator is furnished with a Test Administration Manual. This manual sets forth, in detail, the procedures for obtaining tests and provides suggestions to facilitate test administration. It further sets forth test scoring procedures and defines the responsibilities of the Test Administrator and defines the responsibilities of the administrator in regard to test security and return. Test Administration Manuals are provided at no cost to the client agency.

After all the paperwork is completed, how do I get tests when I need them?

The Test Administrator may contact Bannon & Associates by telephone, fax or mail and inform them of the designated test date and number of tests needed. It is requested that testing requests be received by Bannon & Associates a minimum of two weeks before the established test date. This will ensure the availability of sufficient test booklets to meet your needs, and provide ample time for shipping and delivery. Every effort will be made to accommodate late testing requests, but a two-week lead-time is advised. All requests for tests will be confirmed upon receipt.

When tests are ordered, what will be furnished?

The precise number of tests requested will be furnished. Each test is numbered and tests are supplied in numerical sequence to facilitate east of accounting. Bannon & Associates will furnish an ample supply of answer sheets and applicant registration forms. Use of the applicant registration form is covered in detail in the Test Administration Manual. A scoring key is also furnished with a form, which agencies may use to calculate test impact. A copy of this completed form is returned to Bannon & Associates where statewide analysis will be maintained.

After tests are administered and scored, when must they be returned to Bannon & Associates?

The Test Use Agreement stipulates that tests be placed in return shipment, fee or postage paid in the next 24 hour period following test administration which is necessary in order to ensure the availability of tests for other client agencies.

Is there some type of information for use by applicants in preparing for the test?

Yes. Applicant Preparation Guides are available. The manual contains several examples of each various type items contained in the test. It will also provide tips for preparing for the test and reducing test anxiety. Cost of this manual is $7.00 each if purchased by the agency and $10.50 each if purchased by applicants via email. Applicants may also purchase via USPS for $13.00. Client agencies may purchase test preparation manuals for distribution to applicants, or may require applicants to purchase the manuals directly from Bannon & Associates. Use of these manuals is optional, but is recommended in reducing adverse impact and achieving higher passing rates.

What assistance will Bannon & Associates provide if there is a complaint or challenge to the test?

Bannon & Associates will welcome any opportunity to discuss the test, its development or content with anyone who has a question whether that is an applicant or client agency. In the event of a formal challenge, Bannon & Associates will supply any and all data necessary to answer any inquiry. All telephone consultation regarding the test is provided at no cost. For any complaints requiring on-site or court appearance, representatives of Bannon & Associates will be available at their normal hourly consultation rate.

What are the plans for the future in this area?

Bannon & Associates maintains two alternate forms of this test, which are sent out to agencies on a random basis. Tests are updated with new items approximately every three to four years depending upon the degree of the test.

What about cost?

Test Use Fee: $250.00
(Includes first ten tests)

Each additional test: $7.25
Answer sheets, scoring key, registration forms and impact calculation form are included in the above price.

Who is Bannon & Associates?

Bannon & Associates, LLC is a Management and Human Resource consulting firm dedicated to the provision of Human Resource systems for public employers. Keith W. Bannon (deceased) and Fredda W. Bannon founded Bannon & Associates in 1985. In 2001 Kathleen Bannon - Hampton joined Bannon & Associates. The company is owned and operated by Fredda Bannon and Kathleen Bannon -Hampton. Keith Bannon directed the entry level testing operation for the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education from its inception until mid-1985 when he elected to operate Bannon & Associates on a full time basis. Since that time Bannon & Associates, LLC has served Texas public agencies through training and the design of both management and human resources systems.

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